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This is a place for Body Celebration! No diets, no body shame, no pressure.

Upcoming Body Celebrations

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Groups are small and friendly, welcoming all body types and genders.

Do you feel unsure and shy about group exercise? It’s OK for online attendees to switch off your cam, so you can participate privately, if you feel more comfortable that way.

Modified moves are always offered; you work to the level of movement that best suits *you*. With the bonus of No Diet Talk and No ‘Exercise as Punishment’ rhetoric!

Do something to celebrate your body, join us online – or at Kim’s in-person classes in and around Newcastle (North East England)>>

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When someone says they want to lose weight, they actually mean they want to feel better about how they look. So, why are we told to ignore our feelings in the pursuit of that goal?

We are told to ignore feelings of hunger, shame, guilt, feelings of enjoyment, of pleasure, need I go on? Because the premise is, if you “look better” you will feel better.

Sorry to burst your bubble diet and fitness industries, that is not how it works, that is not how I work either.

Ignoring your feelings creates disconnect with your body which damages your body image. 

And feeling that you look good is all is do with, well, feelings – right?! 


Fully Inclusive | Body Neutral | No Diet Talk | No Body Shaming | No Pressure

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