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All non diet professionals that work with Body Image Fitness offer a fully inclusive, shame free, welcoming space. Each helps you rebuild any damaged relationship you may have with your body by focusing on joyful movement and / or intuitive eating.

They all offer a completely diet free safe space and work with a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach.

Kim. Founder, Head coach

Kim Stacey | Founder, Head Coach (she / her)

Kim is a Group Exercise Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Burlexercise Instructor and Body Image Coach. Her aim is build the relationship you have with yourself with joyful movement and 121 coaching. Her ultimate goal is to enable you to make peace with your body.

We are proud to be fully size inclusive, with Founder and Head Coach Kim Stacey, specially trained in teaching ALL bodies.

Kim lives in the North East of England.

Amy, a non diet professional

Amy | Strength Coach (she / her)

Amy is a Level 3 personal trainer and fitness instructor, with an additional qualification in pre and post natal exercise. She is a weight neutral, health at every size personal trainer – in short she believes that everybody and ‘every body’ has the right to move in a way that feels comfortable to them, to gain strength, confidence and genuinely enjoy exercise!

Amy lives in the North East of England.

More classes from Amy coming soon!

Sarah Dexter | Yoga Instructor (she / her)

Sarah is based in Canada and is a yoga teacher, educator, and certified intuitive eating counsellor. She is passionate about sharing yoga and movement for all people and all bodies!

Have you have gone through a period of time where you didn’t enjoy moving your body? That has been Sarah for most of her life. She spent years and years either forcing movement or avoiding it. She used movement as a way to punish myself for the way she looked.

Her focus has shifted to finding joy in the body and movement. She encourages people to move in a way that pleases them and feels best in their body, rather than trying to meet the standards of others.

Christine Chessman, a non diet professional

Christine | Strength and Pilates Coach (she / her)

Christine is a Pilates teacher, Fitness Instructor, Running & Kettlebells Coach with a weight-neutral approach to movement!

I am passionate about women moving more freely, listening to their bodies and tuning in to what they need today and everyday.

Move Better. Feel Better.

Christine lives in the South of England

Janice Kate (they/them) Yoga Instructor

Janice is a non binary, fat, queer, artist and yoga teacher born and raised in Liverpool, now living in St Leonard’s on Sea, Hastings

Janice Kate has been teaching Sivananda inspired classical hatha yoga for coming up to 20 years and has had a yoga practice for 30 years. They studied classical hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga and yoga philosophy exclusively in the SIvananda ashram environment and has more recently started to take part in inclusive, anti-racism and social justice focussed trainings.

Janice has a particular interest in supporting folks through transitionary life phases and/or who are managing life altering conditions such as menopause, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ageing, addiction recovery, pregnancy, gender transition, grief, emotional recovery from abortion or miscarriage, depression, to name a few. Yoga can be a powerfully supportive and profoundly gentle tool for everyone as we navigate society, capitalism, our own body, health, loss and life.

Ela Law, A non diet professional

Ela | nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counsellor (she / her)

Ela is a nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counsellor. Her work focuses on supporting people in healing their relationship with food. She teaches you to accept and respect their here-and-now body.

Intuitive eating and body acceptance work are instruments to re-establish trust between us and our bodies, and move away from diet mentality. Ela uses the intuitive eating framework, mindfulness based approaches and her client’s lived experiences to tailor her sessions to individual needs and requirements.

Ela lives in the south of England

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