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In these sessions we can focus on Body Image Coaching or Movement, or a bit of both. I can put together a programme for you to work on in between sessions as well, if you wish. 


The focus is to help you gain body acceptance and find the joy in movement. EveryBODY is different so we work based on what you and your body needs.



All sessions come with a Non Diet approach, this means we will focus on ways to improve your body image / strength / cardio, mental health, etc without focusing on intentional weight loss.


Once you have made this booking I will be in touch to find out more about you and what type of things you would like to focus on in your hour. 



NOTE – As part of my Full Celebration Plus Membership you get an hour session with me each month included (£64.99 a month) PLUS UNLIMITED CLASSES, a great community and pre-recorded movement and Intuitive Eating classes,

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For the 121 sessions only, click below (this is a great option if you prefer more than one session a month) Once you have booked I will be in touch and we can arrange a time/s that suit you.



These are Size Inclusive Personal Training sessions. I believe that everyBODY has the right to feel amazing in the body they have…

… And in these sessions we work together on your mental and / or physical goals to enable that to happen!  

Note –  I will never suggest or talk about diets or encourage weight loss. I have a Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned approach.

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As a company, we are proud to be fully size inclusive. With Founder and Head Coach Kim Stacey, a specially trained size – inclusive fitness professional.


Before booking please do take a look at the

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As a Size Inclusive Personal Trainer, I still battle with my own body image but I have managed to learn acceptance.


I accept my bodies not perfect (which I actually like). More importantly I have learnt I am not just a body. I have so much more to offer than my appearance.

It has taken me a while to see but, the perception of my body has had such a huge affect on my own life and all aspects of it, which is why…

I feel so passionately about helping people with theirs.

It is not a case of vanity it’s a case of realising our worth.

Going against what society expects of us and finding the real you, buried deep under all the shame, let down and guilt.


‘Negative diet culture is impacting our mental health and wellbeing. We’re so programmed with ideas of what ‘healthy’ looks like, or what we think we should look like, moving away from this norm is a real challenge.

Health at Every size, and having a Non Diet approach, saved me from a lifetime of feeling like my body was not good enough and allowed me to see that my body is not flawed. Becoming a HAES Personal Trainer allowed me freedom to be me rather than this constant pressure to try and shrink myself. It allowed me head space to fight against toxic diet culture and fitness professionals, and to create this business, rather than having my head constantly full of anxiety around food and body hatred.’

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