Intuitive Eating Course – Trust Your Choices

Intuitive Eating Course - Trust your choices
A photo of Ela Law Nutrition

This Intuitive Eating course is run by the fabulous Ela Law Nutrition. Ela is a nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counsellor. Her work focuses on supporting people in healing their relationship with food. She teaches you to accept and respect their here-and-now body.

Intuitive eating and body acceptance work are instruments to re-establish trust between us and our bodies, and move away from diet mentality. Ela uses the intuitive eating framework, mindfulness based approaches and her client’s lived experiences to tailor her sessions to individual needs and requirements.

This is an 11 week course that goes over all principles of Intuitive Eating.

Ela will be doing another full course starting September 14th.


Your options;

Note – when you become a member you get to watch the pre-recorded sessions back if you miss any. You also get the supportive, like-minded community within the website

Feedback from the last course

I’m over a year into Intuitive Eating already, but am still benefitting from the sessions, as this time I’m being guided by a professional, rather than winging it!! This time, I have firm guidance and professional reassurance to boost me.  Also, elements like Further Reading recommendations and the group atmosphere add great value. 

It’s been hugely helpful to go through each principle in detail and have the chance to share experiences with others on the same journey 

I’m happy to say I’m absolutely loving it: Ela is amazing and I come away each week having learned something new!  

Loving the course with Ela, she breaks everything down so easily, and loving the group and friendships that are forming too. 

Course details;

Sessions are held weekly, for 1 hour over Zoom at 7:30pm GMT.

The session is very laid back, sit in your pjs if you want!

The session will start with 30 minutes of information focusing on the specific principle. Finishing off with an opportunity for discussion and Q and As.

A little bit more about Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is a framework for shifting your attention away from external cultural and diet-related messages. Intuitive eating helps move you towards internal cues and signals, this is so you can nourish and care for your body in a way that it needs you to. Resulting in you feeling good. There are 10 principles of intuitive eating. They cover emotional, psychological and physical aspects of eating. Understanding them and incorporating them into your life can be a complete game changer for how you feel about food and your body. This will mean you have the freedom to spend your life in a way that brings your joy and fulfilment. 


Trust that you know your body better than anyone else ever will. Empower yourself to really know that you can reject the diet rules, which can lead to so much freedom.


Find acceptance in your here and now body, knowing that you deserve to be happy right now.


Find peace in your choices, away from anxiety around food and allow yourself to just be you. Give yourself full permission to eat.


This course is not appropriate for people with active eating disorders. If you are suffering from an eating disorder, or have suffered from one in the past you must have express permission from your GP or care provider to embark on this course. This course is intended to help heal your relationship with food and eating, and so consequently, for some, it may be triggering for anyone with an underlying eating disorder. If at any point you feel you are unduly suffering, you must inform me immediately to ensure you seek the appropriate care.

Eating disorders are very serious conditions and I do not take them lightly. And so, it is not appropriate for Registered Nutritionists to treat eating disorders unless as part of a care team that is supervised by suitably qualified individuals such as physicians, psychotherapists, or a registered dietitian with specialist qualifications. By registering for this course you are agreeing to the above.